Company Profile

Your One Stop Appliance Shop

BX AVENUES UNLIMITED INC.  is now on its 12th Year of giving its clientele

the best personalized service in the Philippine appliance industry.

As a genuine authorized dealer of reputable brands in the market, we have remained and grown through the years because of one principle

that we have kept both with our suppliers and customers:

We deliver the utmost assurance of security & integrity

when we do our transactions whether you are here in the Philippines or abroad.


  • Internet Retail
  • Corporate Sales
  • The Legendary Bodega Sale



We are NO FLY BY NIGHT online store.


of reputable brands of home appliances.

BX has been here for the past 12 years.

Our corporate, local & OFW customers are BX Loyalists.

Our clients have remained and journeyed with us in delight through all this time.

This is because they felt our sincerity.

They know we are dependable and they are assured of delivery.



BX is knowledgeable  about the merchandise it sells  and are willing guides in your purchase- product and price wise.

Every customer would always want to get their money’s worth.

You will enjoy our services that are tailor fit to your requirements and budget, whether you are an individual or a company.

You don’t have to look for the best buy… BX recommends it to you outright!


And when you need AFTER SALES SERVICE, we will be with you all the way in dealing with whatever issue.

Being a GENUINE Authorized Dealer, all our products are backed up with manufacturer’s warranties.

So you can expect that we will drive for results.


Telephone Landline. Mobile Phone. Email. Facebook.

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BX Vision   

To be recognized by the communities it serves, as an entity that gives customers more value & services, by extending their purchasing power through high impact non-traditional efforts, while trying to maintain the same quality, service and relationship with its customers. With all trials to be overcome by the guidance and providence of the Almighty and all victories dedicated to the glory of His name.


  • To run a non-traditional appliance company, focused primarily on the internet & corporate sales markets, by offering brand new appliances and other merchandise to suit market demands and make lives of its clientele better.
  • To help uplift the lives of its employees by developing their skills in their chosen fields to become competent professionals or future entrepreneurs and train them to become disciplined, honest and productive citizens of the country.
  • Create a conscious effort through organized activities, community service by adopting a cause for which will be one with the company’s vision of growth. So as the company grows, the service to others and the Almighty grows.


BX had very humble beginnings, with nothing but relationships, passion and hard work at hand, the business was rolled out in the last quarter of 2004, and was propelled into full blown operations by its maiden event – Appliance Bodega Sale in Alabang on December 11 & 12 of the same year.

It was a hard learning struggle for BX in its 1st Year, as it acquired its operating assets and resources piece by piece, as it earned penny after penny, event after event….

The early victories of BX have lured partners from the appliance and other industries to join the BX Events. BX has grown its product and brand base, from the Bargain Lover’s Most Wanted Class B Appliances (available ONLY during Bodega Sale Events) and to the usual,  meticulous and brand conscious customer’s delight Class A (available all year round).   All geared to support its evolution into an entity that caters to the all the wants and needs of its target markets.

Now on its 12th Year, the company has grown steady and strong with its operations, evolving from its sole proprietorship status to the new BX Avenues Unlimited Inc.

BX now successfully caters the INTERNET & CORPORATE Market and is stretching out to serve the expanded Philippine Market around the WORLD on ALL BRAND NEW UNITS.



LED Color TV, Video Players, Home Theatre System, Speakers, Amplifiers, Portable Audio & Video, Head Phones, LED/LCD Monitors, Plasma Monitors, Video & Still Cameras, Digital Products, Refrigerators, Air Conditioners, Freezers, Washing Machines, Range, Microwave, Flat Irons, Rice Cookers, Pressure Cookers, Small & Kitchen Appliances, Telephones, Computers, Printers, Multi Function Devices and a lot more…