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Super Automatic, Super Labamatic.

Do more

Our 6 KG Fully Automatic Washing Machine is designed to save you time so you can do more. Now, soaking, washing, rinsing and drying are all rolled into one appliance so you don’t have to repeatedly transfer your laundry from one place to another.  Just load up, push a few buttons and off you go!  Its full-featured washing options also lets you choose the type of wash, from baby’s delicate clothes to your hard-working jeans.


Maintenance is super easy. Built-in cleaning programs allows our fully automatic washing machine take care of itself up by washing, rinsing and drying its metal drum, ensuring your newly washed clothes stay germ-free.

Safety first

Our model includes a child lock function to prevent your hyperactive children from accidentally pushing the wrong button during a wash cycle and ruining the entire wash.  Plus, water level sensors tracks and reminds you about using sufficient water levels for your laundry load.


Just like any of our Labamatic washers, this model comes with our extended 2 year motor warranty.

*Product or model specifications may vary due to continuous product development.