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Bye Bye Bugs
Our unique Defender Anti-Mosquito Desk Fan was designed to help you protect your family from pesky and disease-causing mosquitoes.  We think its particularly useful in the Philippines’ tropical climate, where mosquito season is essentially all year round.

Our Defender Anti-Mosquito Fan has a built-in electric heater that can be used with most commercially available anti-mosquito mats (sold separately).  Just slide in the anti-mosquito mat under the Defender’s heater grill and switch the heater on by pressing the right-most button, above the red light.  The red LED bulb will illuminate to indicate that the anti-mosquito function is running and will activate the anti-mosquito mat to repel any mosquitoes in the immediate vicinity.

What makes the Defender special is that you can have the anti-mosquito activated while the fan is running.  By doing this, you only need one power socket to both cool yourself down while keeping mosquitoes away.

Anti-mosquito mats are sold separately, and Union Home Appliances does not endorse any particular brand. Please follow all safety instructions and precautionary warnings regarding the use of an anti-mosquito mat as provided by the anti-mosquito mat manufacturer, including directions on how long the mat can be used and where they should be used.

*Product or model specifications may vary due to continuous product development.