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Sku: UNION UGEO-1820

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The Perfect Cooking Partner

Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, merienda or dinner, our line of of electric ovens is equipped to help you bake, broil, toast and even fry your family’s favorite foods. Featuring convection technology in a large 18 liter oven body, these ovens are suitably sized for a multi-person household. Four separate heating elements that can be manually adjusted to run either fully or partially based on your cooking requirements.

Our UGEO-1820 model also includes a second cooking surface at the top of the oven so you can maximize your cooking.

Our electric ovens include a rotisserie option and a handy 60 minute timer with automatic shut-off and bell signal. The tempered glass door allows for quick visual checking of your food to ensure that it comes out perfectly to fit your taste.

Cleanup is a breeze thanks to the non-stick interior and front-loading removable baking tray. And all electric ovens already include wire rack, tray handle, roasting fork, fork handle and the aforementioned enamel baking tray.

*Product or model specifications may vary due to continuous product development.