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Sku: UNION UGSF-1640/S

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Our WINDplus stand fan is equipped with 16″ extra-hardened, aerodynamic blades that are designed to push more air than your typical electric fan.  More air pushed means faster air velocity so you can get cooler, sooner.  Our WINDplus fans also deliver comparable wind speeds with industrial-type fans, but with less energy consumption and more colorful options.

These WINDplus blades are made from extra-hardened, crack-resistant materials for increased durability.

This WINDplus stand fan model is driven by a 100% copper wire, turbo-powered motor, which means it will last longer and is more power efficient.  Like all of our other electric fans, this model is safe to use with its built-in thermal fuse that automatically shuts off the unit if your power fluctuates, preventing unwanted sparks. Plus it comes standard with our 5 year motor warranty.

*Product or model specifications may vary due to continuous product development.