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20% Energy Savings: Your Air Con’s Energy Saver
The first Air Cooler perfectly timed to turn on when your air con shuts off. Featuring Union’s unique Perfect Timing system that lets you set your air cooler to turn on just when your air con shuts off. Just set it, go to sleep and enjoy the cool air and energy savings.
Combining Union’s proven wind generation expertise with honeycomb filter technology, the Union Perfect Timing Air Cooler delivers a superior cooling experience. The UGAC-003 disburses millions of tiny water vapor molecules that evaporates upon contact with your body, leaving you feeling refreshed and cooler. Plus, with zero CFC compounds and low power consumption, the Union Perfect Timing Air Cooler is green tech and earth-friendly. With additional features like the included remote control and a built-in ionizer that helps clear the air of dusts and other microscopic elements, you can rest assured that you’re getting one of the most advanced air coolers in the Philippines.
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